Art out of Life

Elena Virata is a 28-year old up and coming director in the filmmaking and advertising industry in Manila, Philippines.

After bringing a GoPro along with her during her travels for competitions and performances, a wild interest into the world of film began.

Learning mostly through the internet and books, she dedicated hours and hours everyday just to develop this newfound passion of hers. From producing, writing, directing, editing, and even acting, Elena has spent years sharpening each skill.

After years of practice, patience, passion, and an incredible amount of purpose, the 28-year old is now signed with multi-awarded production house, Arcade Film Factory, as their only female director. She is now directing short films and advertisements for well-known brands in the travel, lifestyle, & beauty space. She creates with a directing style so distinctly hers, regularly using voiceover narrations, cinematic and atmospheric sequences, dancing, and unique storytelling. It’s in this very medium that she is able to express the intricacies of her mind, her transformative life experiences, and all her philosophies in life.

elena virata

With all of the work she pours her soul into, she has one major purpose – to illuminate the authentic human experience in a captivating, creative, and inspiring way. Everything she creates aligns with that.

Big things are planned and coming.

Recent Works


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