FILM | Everything Everywhere All At Once

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)
Directed by Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert

Et voila, I begin #EVReviews. I’m a massive film geek…. as you might tell. Or not. Well I am. So I’m going to start sharing films that impact me as a person & filmmaker. These types of films that make me feel something are ones I hope my screenplay writings will be soon.. And if they can inspire me, they might inspire you too.

This particular film I just got to see last night was a chaotic, cinematic, emotional spectacle of a little bit of everything, literally all at once. I’m mesmerized at how creative a film can be yet still have a deep underlying theme & genre of being a family drama.

Yes, it was flashy – almost overwhelming. But to think that this was an independent film, that by the way had only five people working the visual effects, IS MASTERFUL. I loved the audio-visual experience. It took me on a journey. I adore any director that successfully transports me to their world and what they’ve felt. I aspire to do the same.

Beneath all the insane visuals, the film centers on such an important message: that in the insane chaotic multitude of things happening each second.. “nothing matters”. We are in the natural chaos of the universe, a small pale blue dot in a vast and endless space, why would ANYTHING really matter? Ofcourse the real message there is, why stress on the unnecessary? On the smallest things? WHO CARES?

Life is short. Living is simple. Love your loved ones. Chase your dreams. Be the happiest you can possibly be. Be kind to everyone. Create madness (the good kind).

I’m ready to create madness. This film has really pressed my restart button. Absolute masterpiece! You can tell how much work was put into this.. Thank you Daniels.