FILM | Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club (1999)
Directed by David Fincher

Okay, I know I started out with a new film but let’s backtrack a bit.. I have been wanting to re-study some psychological films since I’m currently writing a screenplay that involves the human psyche. And since one of my favorite ones ever is Fight Club, I said well.. I’ll just review it too. I mean. I do want to be able to share older films that also made a huge impact in my style & career in filmmaking.

If there’s one thing you will get to know about me and the films I watch, it’s that I LOVE psychological films. Maybe because I am a bit psycho. (By the way, Psycho is a really great film too). But really, I’ve always been so fascinated with the mind.. In fact, when I was a kid, I didn’t enjoy reading books until my dad started getting me these psychological books about fucked up people, serial killers, crooks and criminals.. I found it so interesting to try and understand the world they had in their head. I just really find the brain very interesting. Maybe that’s why I read so many books about the mind. Please don’t think I’m just a dark person.. I’m actually a very happy goober. Hahaha.

But yes, Fight Club.. the first time I watched it, I was obsessed with David Fincher’s style. The narrations, the subtle and fast extreme close-up montages, the insane VFX to really create this visceral experience. Now that I’ve explored my style a bit more, I really see that voiceovers are a huge part of the way I express myself. That’s why I was so drawn to this film. The way the screenplay was written was so engaging, entertaining, and light. I loved the way Edward Norton’s voice would come in and out in between the dialogue. It really puts you in the mind of the character. That’s probably why I write the way I write, I just write like I’m talking to myself in my head. I imagine my dialogue writings to keep this kind of pace.

On the deeper side, this film was kind of a satire about societal standards, and the consumerist and materialistic culture of obsession that people had back then. Well, I think it’s still applicable today. He was a corporate slave in a very intoxicated materialistic world. These things can fuck with someone’s head. Especially if they’re not right in the mind in the first place. Edward, going through waves of insomnia, had depression but even more, had Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder. And though I’ve only had the experience of meeting one person with such an illness, it’s like Fincher was able to put us into the mind of someone who suffers those disorders. I guess for Edward, everything that was happening in his life made him crave for chaos and disorder – nihilism. I’m a very positive person but there are some people out there that have every reason to end up being a nihilist. Society is terrible. And the system truly can be unfair. In my opinion, this is why shooters go on rampages, or people end up deciding to blow up a building.. Society is terrible and it makes people angry and frustrated. I’m not saying that horrible acts are forgivable. I’m saying there’s a far far far deep-rooted issue behind all of these things going on in the world. And until we really focus on world peace, love, and unity, it’s going to be really hard to cure the problem. I remember reading in a book though, that yes, these problems can be overwhelmingly huge for one person, but what we can do is focus on the small things we can do to get to where we want to be. It’s in the small choices we do everyday.. Say hello to the lobby guard, greet your barista with her first name, treat your employees nicely, let people know you appreciate them, treat everyone with RESPECT.. what does that really cost? Nothing. There’s endless things we can do to ameliorate the problem. Endless.

Anyway, I loved the film so much I even got a painting to go above my bed of Marla Singer. Why, you might ask? I thought that this shot was so iconic and powerful and captured that strong female character that I always envision creating in my films. I’m a woman and the way I write is the way I talk to myself. So, iconic female characters are always what I try to create with the narratives I come up with. I love strong female characters. Who doesn’t?! It’s above my bed to remind me that I, too, am the strong female character in my own world. Haha wow? Anyway, I just fucking love Helena Bonham Carter too.

I’ve watched so many films, too many to be able to account for.. So maybe next week I’ll do another 2022 film. Til then!